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Taka Makassar Island

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Taka Makassar
island is not located in south Sulawesi and there is no relation with Makasar town. This island is well known as a small island and there is no population there. Indeed, this island is part of Nusa Tenggara Timur island. It is as small as a football playground.

Taka Makassar is a very   small island. It has a  beautiful structure as white sand and a small garden of straw. Because it is very small, this island comes up when the water of the sea goes down and it is covered by the surface of the sea when the water goes up.

What is interesting about this island is  its beautiful view under the sea by diving or swiming. So, you have to prepare some swiming equipments or tools  for it. Its good to know that you cannot find the tools for diving or swiming there because there are no habitants there.

 If you want to swim or dive, you have to be guided by a guide because the water is very deep so that you can enjoy an extremely beautiful nature under the sea.

For the spot snorkeling, you can try in the other island. It is not so far from Taka Makasar island. You find there the pure water, the beautiful view under the sea and the reptiles of the sea.
For diving, you can go to Manta Point ; According to its name,  manta, you can see there ikan pari manta (pari manta fish) : the biggest kind of pari fish species.