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Cunca Rami Waterfall

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National Komodo park is a very welknown tourist attractions in Flores. But Flores has also many others tourism objectives. We have ‘’Cunca Rami Waterfall’. It is located in West Manggarai, NTT. Cunca means waterfall and Rami means forest. This tourism objective is very interresting. It is surrounded by  forest, which is full of beautiful trees.  Cunca Rami Waterfall is located in Mbeliling tropical forest, Roe village in Wae Lolos territory, located at Sano Nggoang district, West Manggarai.  Close to this tourism objective, we have two others tourism objectives : Cunca Wulang and Cunca Lolos.
We reach  Cunca Rami Waterfall  through Reo Village in Wae Lolos territory. From Labuan Bajo is about 30 km. One can go there by car, it takes more or less one hour to get there.  The road is very good. You can park your car on the top of Mbeliling forest. Then, you meet some local guides there. They can accompany you to Cunca Rami Waterfall and as usual, they ask for a small amount of money.

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This tourism objective is surrounded by beautiful trees and nice weather and view. Its height is 30km with pure water that is flowing unceasingly. To reach it closely, you have to go down from the top of Mbeliling forest on foot and spending time about 45 minutes. For comingback, it takes more than one hour because you have to go up to the top the Mbeliling forest.
The water from Cunca Rami waterfall forms a small lake where peuple can spend their time for recreation or swimming. Unfortunately, there are not equipments for swimming there. So, those who go there and want to swim, they can bring their own equipments. Close to Mbeliling forest, there is a traditional village : ‘’Desa Liang Ndara’’. It will be a tourism objective destination in the future. Right now, peuple there are developping it to render this village a tourism objective.   

Beside Komodo island that is very welknown in the district of Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai has many tourist attractions. So, those who want to see the natural swimingpool with very nice water, weather and view,  please comme to Cunca Rami.