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Empo Romeng Waterfall

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West Manggarai has never run out of tourist sites. Visitors can explore many natural tourist sites there, among others the Empo Romeng waterfall.
What is  interesting with this site ?
There is a legend about the Empo Romeng waterfall. It has been preserved by Suka people particularly Gendang Kiong which are the descendants of the Kiong tribe. This legend was narrated by Yuvensius Aquino Kurniawan a West Manggarai income office staff, which Titus, a Suka Kiong native pass on to him. It was told that the Empo Romeng river is guarded by the ancestor of the Kiong Tribe, a giant and thickly haired man whose name is Empo Romeng.
Empo Romeng has a close tie to the existence of that river, therefore a special ritual is always performed at the site of the waterfall. 'Every year the Suka Kiong inhabitants offer a sacrificial ritual represented by a Gendang Kiong elderly.' Kurniawan stated. The ritual is intended as a thanksgiving as well as a plea to their ancestor Empo Romeng to keep the water running into their village.

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According to Kurniwawan, Empo Romeng river has 8 springs which have a meeting point. They name this meeting point as Wae Mata Alo. Then the river continues and creates two beautiful waterfalls namely Sunsa Sega and Sunsa Waek. These two waterfalls are so close to each other that they reunite again at the end of the cliff. It is said that at the foot of the waterfall a white eel is often seen, which they believe as the personification of Empo Romeng who guards the spring. Empo Romeng then became the icon of Suka Kiong tourist site. Many curious tourists travel to Suka village.
You can reach the site from Ruteng through Cancar-Golowelu and take a turn at Golowelu Ranggu road. From Labuan Bajo you can come through Wol/Lembor-Ranggu intersection then continue to Suka or take Labuan Bajo-Noa/Pacar-Golowelu road then turn west to Suka.