Rinca Island

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Rinca Island is a small island near Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The location of Rinca Island itself is closer to Labuan Bajo when compared to Komodo Island, with the highest point of the island being in Doro (Mount) Ora with an altitude of around 670 meters above sea level. Not only dragons, on this island also live various types of animals such as dragons, wild pigs, buffalo and birds.

Trekking path options are available, ranging from short, medium to long trekking. Visitors are free to determine their own choice of the route, adjusted for physical conditions for safety and minimize risk in the field later. Along the trekking path, visitors will be accompanied by beautiful scenery in the form of a range of hills and a stretch of blue sea. This hill will be dry and yellow in the dry season whereas if it enters the rainy season, this hill will turn green. On the sidelines of the trekking trip, visitors will find a hilltop that has a unique view of Rinca Island. Expanse of blue sea combined with exotic hills adds to the beauty of Rinca Island. Really spoil the eyes of every visitor.

Not only that, Rinca Island also offers its visitors to participate in preserving the environment with a mangrove planting program. To buy the seeds, visitors must issue a pocket of 150,000 rupiah. Uniquely, the mangrove seedlings can be labeled according to our name and later when visitors visit Rinca Island can find out the development of mangrove trees in accordance with its name.

Access to Tourism Locations
One way to get to Rinca is to start the journey from Labuan Bajo by using a chartered boat. Visitors can also use the services of a travel agent that provides Komodo sailing tour packages along the streets around the Port of Labuan Bajo. The trip to Rinca Island from Labuan Bajo takes 2 hours via the sea of ??course and is anchored at the Loh Buaya dock on Rinca Island. From the guard post, visitors will be combined by the ranger to explore and trace the dragons on Rinca Island.