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Extreme Tourism: Snake Palace

Post By : BCK • February 18, 2021 • views : 57


It is not a surprise that the natural cave in Galang village, Welak, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara is named Snake Palace. The cave is indeed a house for hundreds of snakes and other reptiles. Various snakes inhabiting the 509 square meters cave are believed to be there for a long time. The story goes that there is a big white snake which is named to be  king of these snakes.

For the extreme tourism lovers this cave is fit to be in their list of destinations. Entering the cave, seeing the snakes in their habitat can be a challenging and unforgettable  experience.

Shana Fatina, the main director of BOPLBF said that they had surveyed the cave and its potential is quite promising, although it needs certain supporting facilities. "Of course the quite promising snake palace tourist site needs to be supported by amenity and accessibility, for example providing a rest area and food court." Shana stated. Besides local products such as waving, local rituals and culinare,  tracking paths to the cave both infrastructure and safety needed to be provided.

Galang village mayor Arie Samsung hoped that the government would develop this tourist site in order to improve the economy of those living close to the cave. "We hope this tourist site will be able to connect the economic rotation of the people, so that it is not only enjoyed by the tourists but also will benefit the locals," Arie said. Till today those who wish to visit the cave use the help of snake handlers from the village. They would guide the travelers and perform certain rituals before entering the cave.