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Batu Cermin Labuan Bajo

Post By : BCK • May 09, 2020 • views : 216


When deciding to go on a tour to Labuan Bajo, NTT, most of them must have imagined the beauty of the beach, the beauty of the underwater and the islands in the region, including Komodo Island.

It is undeniable that Labuan Bajo is indeed famous for its beaches, the beauty of its underwater scenery, to the cluster of small islands that surround it.

However, it turns out that Labuan Bajo also saves other attractions that are not less interesting to visit. One of them, Batu Cermin Cave.

ama Goa Batu Cermin, originating from the Manggarai language. When tourists enter the mouth of the cave and get into, then it will arrive at a section where sunlight will be seen to penetrate in an upright manner. People call this cave with Goa Watu Sermeng. Why so named? This is because in Manggarai language, watu is a stone. And Sermeng is a mirror

Called the Mirror Watu because among the selah-celah rock caves, there is incoming sunlight which then the light bounces to the rocks which then illuminates the room like a mirror that reflects sunlight.

That said, Goa Batu Cermin was discovered by a missionary from the Netherlands who served in the Diocese of Ruteng. To visit this place, do not forget to use safety equipment that has been provided such as a helmet.

During a visit to Goa Batu Cermin Jokowi also briefly uploaded his photo on social media. In his upload, Jokowi also discussed a little about the origin of the name of this cave: "Millions of years ago, it is said that the position of this cave was under the sea. Then at one time there was a shift in the earth's plates and parts of the island of Flores sank, some also rose to surface.

One that appears on the surface is the cave that I visited yesterday. In the middle there is enough room for 15 people. At the right times, the cavity above becomes a tunnel of light that bounces on the cave wall and forms a natural mirror. That is the origin of this cave called Goa Batu Cermin. Batu Cermin Cave is one of NTT's tourism attractions, besides Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National Park.

The government also wants to develop the Goa Cermin area into a tourist area with a creative shopping center of the Labuan Bajo Festival Village which is equipped with a parking area, children's playground, an open stage, to a culinary center, "Jokowi wrote.