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Mount Kelimutu Flores

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Mount Kelimutu is one of the many volcanoes on Flores Island, NTT Province, Indonesia. The exact location of Mount Kelimutu is in Pemo Village, Kelimutu District, Ende Regency. Mount Kelimutu has three crater lakes at the peak. Lake Kelimutu is known as Lake Tiga Warna because it has three different colors, namely red, blue and white. Even so, these colors always change over time.

The word Kelimutu is a combination of the words "keli" which means mountain and the word "quality" which means to boil. According to local residents' beliefs, the colors of Lake Kelimutu have their respective meanings and have very powerful natural forces.

Lake or Tiwu Kelimutu is divided into three parts which correspond to the colors in the lake. The blue lake or "Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai" is a gathering place for the souls of young people who have died. The red lake or "Tiwu Ata Polo" is a gathering place for the souls of people who have died and as long as they live they always commit crimes. While the white lake or "Tiwu Ata Mbupu" is a gathering place for the souls of parents who have died.

Residents around Lake Kelimutu believe that when the lake changes color, they must give offerings to the spirits of people who have died.

The area of ??the three lakes is around 1,051,000 square meters with a water volume of 1,292 million cubic meters. The boundary between lakes is a narrow stone wall that is prone to landslides. This wall is very steep with an angle of 70 degrees. The height of the lake wall ranges from 50 to 150 meters.