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Pink Beach Komodo Island

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Pantai Merah Komodo or also known as Pink Beach Komodo is an Indonesian marine tourism object located in the Komodo National Park. This beach is very unique because of the color of the sand beach which is rarely found on other beaches.

Pink Beach is indeed phenomenal. In countries outside Indonesia itself, this kind of tourist location becomes a unique feature. Well, how is the uniqueness of the Labuan Bajo Pink Beach ? Check out some of the following interesting facts.

Because the sand beach is pink, that's why this beach is known by the name "Pink Beach". The color pink comes from a microscopic animal called Foraminifera which then gives the coral pigment red. These corals were carried by waves towards the coast and then crumbled into debris and grains which are now sand beaches.

This uninhabited and deserted beach can be reached by renting a boat or speed boat from Labuhan Bajo. Tour package tours will usually take you to Rinca Island and then to Komodo Island first. From Labuan Bajo to Loh Buaya Pier on Rinca Island, it takes approximately 45 minutes. On these islands you can see firsthand the worldwide dragons in their natural habitat by choosing certain trekking paths.

From Loh Liang Pier, a pier on Komodo Island, it takes approximately 30 minutes by boat to set foot on Pink Beach, this unusual sand beach. If you are interested in trekking through coral cliffs and mangrove forests, it takes approximately 4 hours on foot before finally arriving at Pink Beach.

In Labuan Bajo there are also LOB (Live On Boat) ships which are usually chartered by divers who can also function as a place to stay while exploring the charm of Flores. This ship can also be your transportation choice.