Molise Speed Boat

Operated : Komodo National Park, Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo, Flores Island.
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Molise speed boat is a relatively cheap sea transportation tool for those who would like to visit Komodo island and its surroundings but have a short time. In order that the program flows maximally you are suggested to arrive in Labuan Bajo one day before, because the trip starts at 6 0'clock in the morning.

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Note : If you have any specific dietary requirements whilst on-board your cruise, you can add this to your special requests on step 2 of the booking form. We will be allow these requests to religious beliefs reasons or food allergies reasons. The liveaboard serves great food (halal) and you will be hungry after trekking, snorkeling and a full day of diving.

  • Tour as Our Itenary
  • Mineral Drink (Aqua)
  • Guide service onboard
  • Snorkling Equipment
  • Onboard meal lunch set
  • Local Fruit
  • Return hotel or Airport transfer
  • Speed Boat Charter (Joint)

  • Accomodation (Live on Boat)
  • All Enterance Fee
  • All Flight Ticket
  • Alcohol Drink
  • Airport Taxes
  • Personal Expensess
  • Travel Insurance
  • Accomodation (Hotel)
  • Tiping
  • Ranger Fee
  • Goverment Retribution

  • Hat
  • Swimsuite
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen (Ribben)
  • Sport shoes
  • Handkerchief


  • Length : 13 m
  • Width : 2.8 m
  • Engine  : Evinrude  2x300PH
  • Electricity  : AC 220V
  • Communication : VHF
  • Navigation : compass
  • Boat Tonnage : 6 GT
  • Passenger capacity  34 Person
  • Boat Crew : 4 Person


  • Inflatable life raft
  • 38 life jacket
  • 2 rings buoys
  • 2 fire extinguishers


  • Leather sofa interior
  • 1 AC 2 HP
  • 1 TV
  • 1 DVD Player
  • 1 toilet
  • Snorkelling Gear





18 December 2017, 10:11 am
We were really happy to make these tours... only the weather not so good to Padar island with a lot of rain.. but this happens ! But otherwise to see the dragons in Rinca.. And the beautiful mantas.. it is a good souvenir

5 October 2017, 08:34 pm
This was a great cruise! Highly, highly recommended. I felt very safe in the boat as it is modern and equipped with lifejackets. It is also very fast, which meant we could visit 4 different sites in a day. The guides were very friendly, helpful and funny. The food was good, especially the 11 o'clock snack with a banana and some different local snacks. We saw amazing views, 8 komodo dragons and 3 manta rays on this trip. An amazing experience!

26 September 2017, 08:20 am
It was really good

22 September 2017, 08:26 am
We did the Komodo Day Tour and was over our expectations. We saw Palau Padar, Komodo Island, Maka Takassar and Kanawa Island. Excellent Service, Fast Boat and Safety at first Level. With this boat you'll reach the spots more fast than the other boats, so you have more time to spend on each site. We saw over 10 dragons in Komodo, 2 Mantas at Manta Point, lunch on board was pretty good. Molise is the best boat in Labuan Bajo, so if you don't wanna be disappointed book with It worth the price with the quality!

15 April 2017, 06:42 pm
If you happen to visit Labuan Labo, don't look at other tour, just book Molise for your one day trip. This trip covers Padar, Komodo and also Kanawa Island. The best thing is you can reach back your hotel before 4 pm, so still have time to catch sunset

24 June 2017, 06:25 pm
It was a speed boat and since it was not full, the ride was pretty comfortable. It was able to reach the islands rather quickly and hence we were able to take in more sights. Other tours are at a fraction of the price but they employ the slower boats and hence likely to visit less places in one day. We find the snorkelling to be not very impressive at Pink Beach. The snorkelling at Kanawa Island is better. Lunch is professionally done although small in portions. Adequate drinking water was provided. The guides and other staff are very friendly and helpful. Please do something about the life jackets.They were too small and several of them were not working as the zippers were damaged and my life jacket got dislodged upon hitting the waters on two separate occasions.

15 July 2017, 06:20 pm
It's your best option if you have one day and you want to see most of the sites: Padar Island, Komodo dragons, Pink Beach and Kanawa Island!

11 June 2017, 05:17 pm
Excellent trip to Komodo and Padar Island with Alba Cruises. We had the boat to ourselves, the staff were friendly and helpful and we had a fantastic time. Recommend!

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